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Our Product sets Management up for success so you can perform your job with ease.

You can access the data you need to make informed, confident decisions around Strategy, Department, Portfolio, Programme and Project work.
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What does our Product Deliver?
Be Confident in Making Decisions
Work with up to date data in the 1 application
Accessible data anytime to help you be more informed
Be confident in the decisions you need to make
Know Where Your Company is at
See at a glance where Strategy, Department, Portfolio, Programme, Project and Operational items are at
Identify easily which items need attention and support
Have Traceability from Strategy through to Project and Operational Work
Be able to drill down and trace all work performed by your Company
Easily identify items that do not support delivery of your Strategy
Be More Productive
Our Products remove many of the menial manual tasks that you and your teams are performing every day.  We automate as much as possible with only entering data once!
Remove the double entry, collation and frustration of using multiple tools and files with data everywhere
Alerts when Action is Required
No need to rely on anyone asking you or notifying you when a decision or action is required by you - It's too late then normally!
Receive a notification advising what needs actioning or a decision to be made
Provide direction as soon as you can and course correct, allow work to progress
Use 1 Application to Perform Your Role
Throw away the multiple files and applications being used
Manage Strategy, Department, Portfolio, Programme and Project in the 1 application
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Who Benefits from our Product
Board Members
Have up to date information on Strategic initiatives and how they are tracking.
Have up to date information on Strategic initiatives and other key metrics relating to Delivery.
Department Management
Have up to date information on how Department KPIs and Strategic items are tracking.  Identify key trends and areas to focus on.
PMO Management
Dashboards will show where your Delivery is at and identify any key areas to focus on and support.  Be comfortable knowing there is consistent reporting.  Be able to manage benefits easily after the life of a Programme or Project.
Portfolio Management
Easily prioritise your Portfolio, produce a Portfolio schedule, manage your money.  Spend more time on the areas that need help/focus rather than performing manual tasks.
Programme Management
Manage your Programme end to end in the 1 application and have up to date visibility without reliance on others to collate data.  Reduce the manual overhead.
Project Management
Manage your Project end to end including Change Management and Benefits.
Enterprise Architects
Have visibility into the work being undertaken and how it supports Strategic initiatives.
Product Management
Be able to track your ideas through a Portfolio lifecycle and be able to track the Benefits.
Risk Department
Have delivery risk in the 1 application and be able to integrate to determine your Company risk profile.  Identify trends and areas to train/support in relation to Risk Management.
Finance Department
Be able to view how the Money is tracking at all levels including Benefits realisation.  No longer needing to wait on out of date and possibly incorrect reports.
Have all the history of approvals and decisions and artefacts in the 1 application for easy audit purposes.
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The ESPM Illuminator Product will soon be released.  Enjoy performing your full end to end role with ease in relation to Delivery.
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